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Ivan Bez
Иван Без

Ivan Bez (born in 1981, Ivanovo, Russia) Ivan’s works stand against official and commercial art trends, sometimes crossing the line, and force you to expand your perception limits. Ivan is an associate professor of history sciences, his art practice shows high level of intelligence and breadth of view. In his personal aesthetic system, Ivan pays attention to the features of human nature that are rejected by public. The artist meticulously studies the human soul, and finds true beauty in physical defects. Ivan is ascetic by nature, and spends most of his time working. His self-portraits contain an important encoded message to mankind. The Ivan’s art is “uncomfortable”; it may bite, and touch fine fibres of one’s being; it’s somewhat dangerous, however, the artist perfectly copes with his task. Perfect technique, fine lines, expressiveness, completeness, extract, the very essence – with such words the visual aspect of his works can be described. Ivan is fearless and assertive; he strives to expose the situation, in which human behaviour is based on fears and self-constraints, imposed by mass culture. Ivan Bez is one of the few artists, who are able to evert the most vital issues without regard to public pressure.

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