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Bera Inkai
Bera Inkai

Bera Inkai

(born in 1992, St. Petersburg, Russia)

In her artworks Bera Inkai addresses to the subjects of collective memory and human mind. The artist’s reflection subject is comprehension of reality, whether there is a starting point in the Universe, and for each individual.

Bera Inkai interprets her background and artistic experience by demonstrating a private area and by building a complex structure with some bits of mysticism. Her artworks are about soul, energies and the Universe.

With artistic means, Bera Inkai shows the world, where everyone is clear about where they came from, where they go and the reasons behind it all. Every painting is like a piece of subconscious, which you need to pass through yourself. The works are whispering: “Remember...” For if you live inside a foreign pattern – your soul is dead, long before your last breath.

Bera Inkai strives to reproduce the atmosphere, her paintings are “pulling in,” and you get a feeling of entering other reality, it makes an overwhelming impression.

The artist studies the personality of a human in different conditions; she is interested in how context and surroundings lead to various metamorphoses, and how the soul becomes an encoded story, which should be read carefully.

Each work is an alternative space, which provokes an intense contact with the viewer and brings suppressed emotions and forgotten questions to surface. As if it were a piece of hot iron, pressed against your chest. But don’t be scared, you’ll experience catharsis in the end.

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